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Clone, share and create new apps: new Dasha Playground features

New Dasha Features
New Dasha Features

We have rolled out a set of new features to make Playground even more useful to you, our beloved developers! Let’s take a look at how they will make your experience more pleasant and productive.

Creating new apps

You can now create a new app in the Playground, name it and give it a description.

Share persistent links to your Dasha app

You can copy a link to your Dasha app here:

Or here:

The user who follows your link will not be able to edit your app but they will be able to test it. They will also be able to clone it. Wait a sec, did I say “clone”?

Cloning an app

That’s right, you can now clone a Dasha app. This is very useful if you want to have two versions of an app to test some ideas, for example. Or if someone shared their app with you and you want to make a copy of it to make some edits to it.

And that’s a wrap on new features folks! Enjoy the Playground!

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