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Neglecting the shift to voice may be costing a single company $17M per year.

Meanwhile, enterprise companies are using voice technologies to outdo the competition in 2020.

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The speech and voice recognition market is projected to grow up to $21.5bln worldwide by 2024.

Why Voice? It is the only native interface for human communication. It has been neglected for visual interfaces because voice technology simply was not at the level required for seamless communication. This is changing rapidly.


Contractor Scheduling


The most common business uses of voice technologies are:



Workplace Management

Call Center Automation


Voice tech is everywhere

Almost every car rolling off the line has voice-first technology integrated. 77 million Americans use voice interfaces in their cars every day. By next year up to 50% of all internet searches will be voice based which means SEO has to adapt.

SAP is using Alexa to put valuable data in front of their employees.

Salesforce is enabling customers to get key tasks for the day with Einstein.

What can you solve with human-like voice AI?


Claims processing

Policy renewals

Collect feedback


Customer upsells

Collect feedback

Financial services

Collect customer feedback

Customer queries


Data collection

Debt recovery


Provide recall information and schedule service appointments

Collect valuable feedback at key intervals

Spark brand champions

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