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Sooner or later all call centers will switch to voice AI. Our customers are profiting before everyone else gets hip.

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Why BPOs are Embracing Automation

Humans are scarce. Technology is scalable. So when a process is identified that is presently run by agents but can be automated with technology, no time is wasted in taking the humans off the script. The reason? Profit margins can go from single digits to triple digits. Bonus point — most BPOs have more requests for business than they have staff, and the freed up agents are kept busy on a new activity.

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We've summarized the call center BPO approaches to using Dasha AI tech to automate their call center conversations in this report. Take a read by filling out the form on this page to access your download. And if you’re on the fence about switching BPO processes to AI voice automation, the following reasons may nudge you in the right direction:

What will cutting agent costs 3x mean for your BPO?

Slashing agent salaries is not the way to cut costs for your BPO without affecting morale. Understaffing is not either. Rather, a suitable solution is ensuring that you’re retaining your best agents to cut back on rehiring costs. If demand is seasonable, freeing up your agent’s time with automation creates bandwidth for the busy spikes, and you don’t need to hire seasonal workers. BPO automation software allows you to scale your operations without additional human agents: AI = more revenue.

What you can transfer to AI

You can transfer many existing processes to Dasha AI: - Call routing - Customer support - Upsells Programmers can leverage Dasha’s voice conversational AI as a service to build virtual receptionists, booking agents, lead generation agents, and more! The possibilities are limitless.

What will cutting agent costs 3x mean for your BPO?

Transfer existing processes to Dasha AI

  • Call routing

  • Customer support

  • Upsells

Thinking about increasing your margins?

You have customers. What if you could make their business even more efficient? BPOs can deploy the following Dasha AI apps across their entire customer network because most companies need:

  • timely customer feedback

  • sales and upsells

  • lead generation

Don’t let repetitive tasks wear down your best agents!

Humans dread mind-numbing tasks. And honestly, a lot of contact center work is repetitive, and it may wear down your smart and educated agents who relish challenges. What about delegating the repetitive tasks to AI BPO solutions that you can build with Dasha.AI?  

Leverage the best aspects of AI and machine 

It’s true. Machines are not smarter than you. But they are certainly better at some tasks. TheyThey are better at working 24/7 non-stop. An AI can always be on shift. For automatic repetitive tasks —think asking for feedback or capturing customer information — it’s best to let the AI do the work.

Worried about future workforce disruptions?

WFH disruptions really messed with call centers this year. What if something else happens to disrupt your human workforce?

Automating large chunks of conversations that happen at your call centers will ensure you are prepared for any future force majeure.

Struggling to hit client performance goals?

A lot of stress and pressure comes with contracts where performance is tied to compensation. BPOs may even suffer revenue penalties if they fail to hit critical customer service KPI metrics.

Building the best BPO automation software with Dasha can help improve key KPIs, including ticket volume, ticket backlog, Average Resolution Time, Average First Response Time, and more.

Read the report now to find out how call center BPOs are using AI for game changing growth