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Human-like conversational AI for developers

Dasha is a conversational-AI-as-a-service platform that lets you embed realistic voice and text conversational capabilities into your apps or products. With a single integration, create smart conversational apps for web, desktop, mobile, IoT and call centers.

How it works

Design conversations

Declarative language for conversations

DashaScript is an event-driven declarative programming language for designing complex real-world conversations that can pass limited Turing test. You even can re-create Google Duplex using it in under 400 lines of code! Or create your own no-code GUI for your users that translates into DashaScript code.

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  • sample.dsl
start node root {
    do {
        #sayText("Welcome to Acme Pizza! How can I help you?");
        wait *;

digression order_pizza {
    conditions { on #messageHasIntent("order_pizza"); }
    do {
        #sayText("All right. $10, please. May I charge your card now?");
        wait *;

Build apps

Build for any platform

If it is connected to the internet and has access to speaker/mic, you can use it to write a Dasha application. Any platform (Web server, browser, iOS/Android, Phone/VoIP, MacOS/Linux/Windows, Rapsberry Pi, etc.), programming languages (NodeJS, Java, Python, C#, C++, whatever) can be used. Note, the beta program offers only NodeJS SDK though.

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  • app.js
const dasha = require("");

const app = await dasha.deploy("./");

await app.start();

Integrate with anything

Existing Data and Business Logic

Write conversational voice/chat enabled apps that take advantage of your existing intrastructure, including databases, external services (Airtable, Zendesk, TalkDesk, etc.) and business logic. Integrate with anything in the world using Dasha SDK. Feed your custom data into Dasha before, after and during the dialog in real-time.

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  • integration.dsl
  • integration.js
external function createPayment(amount:decimal):boolean;

digression order_confirmed {
    conditions { on #messageHasSentiment("positive"); }
    do {
        var res = external createPayment(10); //call it in real-time while talking
        if(res) {
            #sayText("Payment successful. Enjoy your pizza!");

Dasha Studio

VSCode extension

Dasha Studio enables you to build, manage and deploy Dasha applications from VSCode while enjoying IntelliSense for DashaScript, graphical low-code WYSIWYG interface, DashaScript syntax and errors highlighting. Also it ships with Profiler, a tool that allows you to train and improve your AI app and has powerful analytics.

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Free tier

Free Tier for Building and Experiments

It’s easy, there is a free tier so you can start developing, kick the tires and figure out the Dasha way of building a conversational application. Once you’re ready, put in your credit card and go. Or not, it’s up to you.

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Developer Community

Communicate, learn, share experiences

Join our warm developer community to hang out with like-minded developers, talk to Dasha team, discuss AI, ML, algorithms, share use cases, ask questions, learn new things.

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Made by developers for developers

Our goal is passing voice Turing test. We're building API layer within business communications so that now it's addressable by just developers.

Vlad Chernyshov

Vlad Chernyshov

Co-Founder & CEO, ACM ICPC

Dr. Alexander Dyakonov, PhD

Dr. Alexander Dyakonov, PhD

Chief Research Scientist, Doctor of Science, Professor, former Kaggle #1

Ilya Stupakov, PhD

Ilya Stupakov, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO, Assoc. Professor, ACM ICPC

Closed Beta

Get your Dasha API key

With Dasha you can build:

  • Call center automation
  • Agent enhancement / speech analytics
  • Booking a table in a restaurant
  • Receptionist
  • Robot for Clubhouse / Discord
  • Add voice control to existing mobile app
  • Conversational IVR
  • ...the possibilities are virtually endless!
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