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The Top 5 Functions of Conversational AI in the Frontlines Today

What do you think when you hear the term Conversational AI?

Alexa, Siri, Google’s Assistant?

All are great examples of Conversational AI.

Now watch the clip below, where Dasha.AI takes a food order from Arthur.

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Arthur developed a Conversational AI program that takes simple food orders and learns the different ways we order food. Impressive, right?! What makes this Dasha.AI platform impressive and different from other platforms?

Ease of programming. The program above was coded in just a few hours by someone with little coding experience.

This is the future that the team at Dasha.AI imagines, no code/low code conversational AI. A future where people in operational roles can roll up their creative sleeves and program a Conversational AI to tackle the repetitive problems they encounter in their everyday job.

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In the clip above, Arthur shares how Dasha.AI was formed. In their beginnings, the Dasha.AI team served as consultants to contact centers needing Conversational AI platforms to take over repetitive voice tasks.

The video below will showcase how the early adopters of Dasha.AI improved their operations by utilizing Conversational AI along with their existing contact center agents.

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To recap the video above, the potential for Conversational AI taking over frontline functions is here today, and anybody can take advantage of it. Here are the top 5 functions of Conversational AI in the frontlines today:

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Wellness Check-Ups
  • Data Capture
  • Customer Surveys

In summary, Dasha.AI has proven that the benefits of Conversational AI are here to stay. That is why the team is now focused on bringing Conversational AI to people who have no code or low code experience. This approach will accelerate the rate at which companies implement AI to take over the most repetitive functions.

Early adopters of Conversational AI will see increased productivity and reduced operational costs. Frontline employees who used to perform those repetitive functions will be upskilled to take on more complex and revenue-generating roles.

For optimum productivity, companies should work with outsourcing providers to help them develop a strategy for their customer outreach efforts. The combination of Conversational AI and an outsourced contact center will allow companies to focus on their core products and/or services while the outsourcing partner handles customer outreach functions.

And if you are like me…

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Get your hands on a Dasha API key to get started building. 

Cheers, P

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