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Conversational AI Platform.

What will you build with the world's most advanced conversational technology at your fingertips?

VOC survey


Automate any conversations

  • build conversational interfaces for your mobile apps

  • route calls, answer up to 40% of customer queries

  • conduct VOC (NPS and CSI) surveys

  • set up appointments and confirm attendance

  • upsell existing customers, qualify leads

Contractor Scheduling


Platform features

  • API-first 

  • Proprietary STT, TTS and NLP

  • Scalable call volume

  • Omnichannel (text, voice; SMS, phone, web chat, mobile apps)

  • Scales to numerous use cases within one organization

Enterprise Lead Generation


Studio features

  • WISIWYG dialog construction for business users

    • Easy to learn JavaScript-like syntax

    • Test dialogs in a chat box or get a call from your AI app

    • Self-learning intent classification

    • Built-in analytics tools for fine tuning

We've been building conversational AI apps for our customers for three years. We've been told a dozen times how much easier it would be for our customers to own their AI apps development in-house. We listened.

Dasha AI... can augment human capabilities, allowing organizations to automate repetitive tasks and focus on more meaningful conversations that benefit their customers.
Philippe Rogge, President, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe

Why Dasha Conversational AI Platform?

Microsoft Azure customer?

As a Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Partner, Dasha AI Platform is directly available through your Microsoft AM.

Infrastructure and security

  • HTTPS encryption of all external web traffic

  • SIP (TLS) and RTP (SRTP) traffic encryption

  • OpenID Connect for API authentication

  • State of the art Kubernetes deploys

  • HIPAA compliant