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One of our very first inbound prospects had a seemingly simple request - "we generate leads for top software vendors. We're tired of our offshore call center partners' nonsense. Can we use Dasha AI to replace the agents?" The company quickly became a Dasha AI customer. There were many trials and iterations, yet they have succeeded in using the technology to automate their lead generation process and to provide better quality leads, at a better price to their customers.

Since then other companies have used Dasha technology to generate and qualify leads. We spoke with them and summarized their experience in the report on this page.

Create a new high margin revenue channel (1)

Sales people complaining of unqualified leads? Sales numbers dropping? WFH keeping operators from generating good leads? Stop working with offshore call centers. Dasha AI will generate leads over the phone without an accent and at 100% transparency.

Less call-handle time, more conversions (3)

Forget about hoping and praying the offshore call center will come through with the leads AND they will be qualified. Get leads when YOU need them with Dasha AI. Dasha is able to make as many calls as you need WHEN you need them.