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Sooner or later all call centers will switch to voice AI. Our customers are profiting before everyone else gets hip. Read this free report to learn how.

Industry leading BPOs are starting to see themselves as less of a supplier of workforce (call center agents) and more of a technology partner to their customer. True leaders are destroying the low BPO marginality myth by growing a Digital arm - teams who become a consultant to existing customers across a variety of CS-related questions. These teams of experts transform customer business with software implementation, automation and business process optimization strategies.

Humans are scarce. Technology is scalable. So when a process is identified that is presently run by agents but can be automated with technology, no time is wasted in taking the humans off the script. The reason? Profit margins can go from single digits to triple digits. Bonus point - most BPOs have more requests for business than they have staff and the freed up agents are kept busy on a new activity.

We've summarized the call center BPO approaches to using Dasha AI tech to automate their call center conversations in this report. Take a read.

What will cutting agent costs 3x mean for your BPO?

Case study: Allstate’s agents usually take 20 to 24 weeks to reach a skill level regarded as “proficient,” but with an agent-facing AI-powered virtual assistant AMELIA, they’re able to provide proficient-level service four weeks sooner.

Create a new high margin revenue channel

You have customers. What if you could make their business even more efficient? BPOs can deploy the following Dasha AI apps across their entire customer network because most companies need:

  • timely customer feedback

  • sales and upsells

  • lead generation

Less call-handle time, more conversions (2)

WFH disruptions really messed with call centers this year. What if something else happens to disrupt your human workforce?

Automating large chunks of conversations that happen at your call centers will insure you are prepared for any future force majeure.