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Improving guest stays with an automated hotel front desk receptionist.

Hotels have always been a place where people can go to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the world. In the past, hotels used to offer a room with a simple bed and a simple bathroom. But now the industry has evolved thanks to the advances in the use of artificial intelligence.

AI is the technology that powers voice and text chatbots, which are essentially conversational applications and services that can perform a range of tasks.

Here are 3 ways how conversational AI can bring more revenue to your hotel:

  • Quick response time

Having the ability to answer questions in a matter of seconds will make your guests feel more connected. They will have a better experience, especially during busy seasons and periods when guests are looking for services. Answering questions within seconds will also make your staff feel much more valuable since they can focus on guests instead of answering an annoying phone call. It could range from a simple front desk app to a full-on AI desk not only for check-ins and check-outs but also for a personal in-room hotel assistant.

  • High engagement rate

Guests are more likely to book a room at a hotel they believe is modern, cutting-edge, and engaging. Most of all, fun! A good chatbot can make a guest feel like a VIP. People love chatting and will be more likely to book a room if they feel like they are getting a pleasant and fast service. Long story short, you'll be getting returning, loyal customers and increased LTV. And that means more money. This is especially true for a large hotel chain. This is probably one of the major trends we'll be seeing in the next few years. Imagine the hype - AI hotel!

  • Real-time marketing

Conversational AI can be embedded in a product or service and track user behavior in real-time. This will allow you to understand customers’ needs and deliver the right message at the right time. By using a conversational AI hotel system, you can make sure to reach your guests where they are. You can create a web conversational AI application and have it on your website. It'll serve your customers as a guide to find and book the room that's perfect for them. No customer calls are needed. The voice interface will be right there on your website. And no need to distract the staff by creating a front desk staff app.

Summing up, more revenue in the long run – AI can help you bring in more revenue. Especially for large hotels that have more than 300 rooms. A conversational AI system can be embedded in a product or service. With an AI in hotels that gives customers access to a concierge, hotel guests can now search for and reserve rooms without having to call the contact center. And with the AI in hotels, a customer can instantly book a room with no long wait time. It can lead to more business opportunities and higher conversion rates. At the same time, the AI will be able to bring in more guests and boost online bookings, as well as hotel sales. There are tons of opportunities you'll be able to explore using AI! You name it, AI in hotel has the potential to make your life easier, your staff productive, and your hotel more profitable. And this is not a trend that will end in the near future, but it is a trend that will be in full swing for many years to come.

AI use cases in the hotel industry

Here are a few more examples of how hotels use conversational AI:

Automated hotel front desk check-in

In most hotels, the standard procedure for check-in is that a guest has to physically go to a counter, fill out a form, and pay a cash deposit. The guest then receives a room key and is allowed to go to their room. This can be a pain for the guests as it wastes their precious vacation time.

What if you could just enter your room using the phone?

With help of a conversational AI app, the hotel can automate the check-in process. The guests would need to simply make a call, tell the AI they’d like to check-in and the AI app will take care of the rest. The only thing that would be left to do is to pick up the room key.

Automated check-out without the need to visit the hotel reception desk

By analogy, the check-out process can be automated with conversational AI in hotels as well.

This process can be as simple as saying "Hey, I'd like to check out now" and the conversational AI will do the work needed, including processing the guest's payment. Payments automation can be a part of the conversational AI app that serves as a front desk receptionist, for instance. With Dasha AI the process of automating check-ins and check-outs is a piece of cake. Even a non-developer can create such a conversational AI app (so why don’t you try?).

Take a look at how the completed app will perform and how the conversation between the AI front desk receptionist and your guest will sound like:

Embedded content:

Personalized hotel assistance experience

With the help of conversational AI, hotels can also personalize the guest experience.

The AI system can be trained to recognize the guest’s voice, preferences, and patterns of behavior. It can then use that information to provide the guest with a personalized conversation.

If a guest asks "Is there a restaurant nearby?" the AI system can respond with "There are 2 amazing restaurants around. One is Kimchi One restaurant, which is open from 9 AM to 9 PM, and the other is Bonjorno restaurant, open from 8 AM to 11 PM. Would you like for me to make a reservation at one of these?."

Or if the guest says "I’m looking for something fun to do. Is there something like that in the area?" the AI system can respond with "There's an amusement park which is within a 15-minute drive. You can take the free shuttle that's located right outside the hotel entrance to get there. But make sure to go there within its working hours, it closes at 4 PM these days."

Pro-tip: if you would like your hotel guests to have this type of personalized experience, check out the guide on how to create a conversational AI app that will make your guests in awe. Your hotel will definitely become their top preference for years to come!

Automated front desk receptionist service

Conversational AI in hotel can also be used to create front desk receptionist apps.

An AI front desk receptionist can provide information about the hotel, city, and nearby attractions. It can help with various tasks for guests, such as suggesting restaurants and making reservations, booking concert tickets. It can inform guests about things to do at the hotel and recommend them to visit the hotel’s casino, spa, swimming pool, etc.

An automated front desk receptionist service is great for hotels because it helps guests find information in a timely manner, making them even more satisfied with their stay.

Upselling customers while keeping hotel front desk staff free for other duties

Who’d say no to extra revenue? No one.

Hotels can use conversational AI to suggest additional services and products that guests might be interested in based on their preferences. For instance, if a guest is interested in a massage, the AI can recommend a spa on-site or massage service that the guest might be interested in. In case the guest isn’t staying at the hotel for the first time, recommendations can also be made based on their past behavior.

For example, if a guest has previously stayed at the hotel and has visited a spa, the AI system can recommend them to visit the spa service again.

Collecting actionable feedback - not one of front desk receptionist’s duties

Conversational AI is a fantastic tool for hotels to collect feedback from guests about the hotel, city, and nearby attractions, and use that feedback to make improvements.

For example, if guests give feedback that the hotel is noisy, the hotel can use that feedback to improve their soundproofing. If they say the room was cold and the AC didn’t help with that, hotels can invest in purchasing new ACs or fixing the existing ones.

There’s no improvement possible without feedback after all. If you decide that collecting feedback would be a great addition, check out this post on getting a 90%+ completion rate on your customer feedback surveys and collecting deeply actionable data with a simple conversational AI voice app.

Create a conversational AI app to automate your hotel’s front desk receptionist duties

Check out this post to find out how in just 2 hours you can deploy a simple AI receptionist app that will be there for your hotel guests 24/7/365. Not a developer? No worries. I’m not a coder by trade and I wrote the app at the link. You can deploy it even if you are not a developer.

Join Dasha community to get all the help you need and start improving customer experience with simple AI apps! Or contact us if you want more of a white-glove experience.

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