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Why Does Your Business Need Conversational AI?

The now-coined Tech Boom that took place in the early 2000s transformed the playing field for corporate competition. To survive in today’s cut-throat market, your business needs to adopt available technology to operate more efficiently and serve your customers’ needs better. Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is an example of one new type of technology that is easily accessible and can be incorporated into business at any level—even small mom-and-pop shops. 

Conversational AI is a technology that enables a computer program to partake in communication with people in real-time about literally anything the program is written for. The more the program communicates, the better it will get at conversation. It can be utilized in technology to provide customers with attention and service without expenditure on expensive human resources. This article will explain how enterprise AI chatbots can take your business to the next level.

Transformation of Your Operating Model

The operating model of your business is your overall strategy for creating value to meet the demands of customers in a way that generates profit for your company. How can enterprise AI chatbot services enable you to streamline your operating model? Essentially by freeing up company resources to be allocated elsewhere.

Right now, you have to dedicate a certain amount of time and money to customer-facing interactions. After all, this is a huge part of creating a healthy brand image. Unfortunately though, answering customer questions and complaints does not do much in the way of raising your bottom line.

Chatbots can take over sections of your customer service. Then, you can train some of your customer service team members to perform other duties that do generate revenue. And, you can use saved money and time to grow your business and bank account.

As a bonus, AI chatbots are great sources for generating customer data. This data can be analyzed by your marketing research team to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and growth within your company.

Increase Your Engagement Rates

Customer service is a quintessential piece of doing business—especially in Western markets like America. Historically, if you wanted to have great customer service, you had to devote a lot of money to doing so. You would have to hire people to wait by phone or email 24/7 in enough quantities to answer incoming inquiries quickly. In many cases though, this leads to long customer holding times, frustrating conversations, and limited ways of contacting businesses.

By adding an enterprise AI chatbot solution to your mix of human resource tools, you can increase your customer engagement rates in a cost-effective manner. Chatbots do not need to be paid hourly wages, take snack breaks, or sleep. Chatbots can answer customer inquiries in any quantity 24/7.

Additionally, they can be built into virtually any communication platform. For example, chatbots can communicate with your customers through their Instagram DMs, in their direct text messages, on your company website, and over the phone. Communication happens in a natural and professional way that will leave your customers satisfied with their interaction, and a better perspective on your brand image.

Plus, it can happen more on your customers’ terms. By allowing them to reach you when, where, and how they want, there will be less friction from preventing them from doing so. And, the nature of AI chatbots will allow your customer to lead the conversation, reducing the amount of time they will need to speak to your digital agent.

Develop an Effective Interaction Platform

Enterprise AI chatbots solution for e-commerce is a great option. These days, businesses will have a hard time surviving without partaking in e-commerce. It is the new way of the world. Since your customers are already heading to their devices to buy your products and services, doesn’t it make sense to enable them to seek customer service in this way too?

Gone are the days when customers have the patience to stay on hold with your company for three hours on a landline phone waiting to ask a question. These days, customers expect to be able to message your representatives directly to inquire about goods and services. Setting up chatbots that allow customers to get help immediately while shopping will improve their customer experience, and make you money by increasing their chances of making a purchase.

A few years ago, many chatbots did not utilize AI technology. Rather, they were only able to say certain things in a pre-programmed order. Now, AI chatbots communicate equally well as real humans—and an argument can be made that they actually do a better job! Developing an effective interaction platform with an AI chatbot will be great for both you and your target audience. Plus, the more time a customer spends interacting with your brand, the more likely it is to pop into their mind when they are in need of the product that you provide.

Especially if you are new to adopting technology, the idea of conversational AI can seem intimidating. That is why Dasha AI is here to help you integrate it into your business model effortlessly. Check out Dasha’s offerings today to see if there is an AI service that would be particularly helpful for your unique business.

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