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Release Notes: December 2020

Happy New Year 2021 from Dasha
Happy New Year 2021 from Dasha

In this New Year Release 🥳 we're introducing features that improve developer experience.


  • Add inbound telephony: now you can accept incoming calls using any VoIP provider.

  • External TTS support: you can now use your own or 3rd-party speech synthesis (but you'll love Dasha TTS!).

  • No account onboarding: start using Dasha without even signing-up

Dasha Script

  • Multiple conditions in digressions: you can now define multiple entry conditions on digressions that have, for instance, different tags and/or priorities

  • Logging support for any object type: it will be serialized and displayed in readable form in your application log

  • Conversation end event tag: you can now customize your application behavior when the other party disconnects (e.g. hangs up on you)

Dasha Studio

  • Import (multifile) support for navigation and refactorings: e.g. you can now go to definition that is in another file

  • Rename refactoring support: you can now use VS Code (or any language client) support for rename refactorings and never miss a node reference that needs changing again

    dasha studio rename
    dasha studio rename
  • Optimize language server download time (CDN)

Dasha SDK for Node.JS

  • Added scheduler: now you can set complex rules for reaching out to your users

  • Basic start diagnostics

    sdk diagnostics
    sdk diagnostics

Dasha CLI

  • New Dasha account creation: now you can create new Dasha account right from terminal

  • Logging in via CLI, without API key

  • SIP configuration: configure Dasha to work with your existing VoIP provider with one command

  • Grab Dasha CLI here

    dasha-cli 12
    dasha-cli 12


  • New format for tutorials

    interactive tutorial
    interactive tutorial

Stay tuned for more in January 2021! Happy holidays! 🥳

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