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Plug and Play selects Dasha AI for 2020 Winter Batch

Dasha AI became one of the 20 startups selected for Plug and Play’s Silicon Valley Fintech Batch as a part of the winter accelerator program.

Apart from Fintech, other startup programs that will run through November 2020 are Energy, Health, Insurtech, Internet of Things, Mobility, Real Estate & Construction, and Travel & Hospitality. 

Our AI platform allows users to design, test and launch rich, human-level voice conversations. Dasha helps companies automate voice conversations, bring costs down or sell their own solutions built on top of Dasha. 

The Dasha team will have full access to Plug and Play's global network of venture capitalists, corporate partners, and alumni. This cooperation will allow us to grow, connect, and engage with some of the top industry leaders. 

“We are thrilled to have a chance to collaborate with the largest financial institutions in the world to build a better future and better customer experience,” said Vlad Chernyshov, CEO at Dasha AI.

A virtual graduation will take place November 16-19th at Plug and Play's Winter Summit.

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