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Dasha replaces call center operators with human-like AI

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Ever wonder how to turn your contact center into a profit center?

Automate repetitive conversations. Free up your agents for more valuable work

Futureproof your call center against force majeure workforce disruptions.

Reduce operational costs and eliminate overheads.

Provide a better level of customer service than overworked agents. Consistently.

Feature Description

Post-visit VOC survey


How do you turn your customers into brand ambassadors without hiring more operators?

Deploy an AI app that will engage with every one of your customers after every single business interaction:

  • Identify and address detractors

  • Nurture promoters into brand champions

  • Collect freeform feedback with open questions

  • Glean valuable insights from the data

  • Improve your business consistently

Feature 2

Enterprise lead generation


Are you looking to increase your sales, upsells and agent motivation?

Your peers are using Dasha AI to:

  • Generate B2B leads at very low costs

  • Upsell existing B2C customers

  • Qualify prospects to keep your agents closing

  • Ensure predictable policy and/or subscription customer renewals

Feature 3

Contractor scheduling


Ever wonder how to save money on your repetitive processes?

Use the voice AI to:

  • Collect contractor schedules and schedule shifts

  • Book appointments and ensure attendance

  • Screen candidates over the phone

  • Initiate insurance claims processing

Rob, CEO marketing agency

“Working with Dasha has been a game-changer for us. We began our relationship one month before the pandemic. The shutdown affected our business model directly - we were out of work. The team at Dasha worked extra hard to adapt our AI app to new realities. Now, we're able to fulfill our customers' needs at a fraction of previous costs. What's great is we get to pass the savings on to our customer which is important in the present climate.”

Dasha is human-like, not robot-like. Because no one likes talking to robots.

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Using AI to make your contact center more human? So 2020.