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Flawless, Low-Latency, Ultra-Realistic AI Agents for Developers

Introducing Dasha: The Whitelabel Platform for Building AI Agents. Our powerful platform empowers businesses to craft ultra-realistic voice and text AI agents, capable of performing real-world tasks, by leveraging the latest language models. Seamlessly integrate intelligent, omnichannel conversational AI into your applications to enhance sales, improve customer interactions, automate processes, and drive growth.

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Why Dasha?

Ultra-Natural Behavior

Lifelike Conversations: Indistinguishable from Human Interaction

Dasha's AI agents deliver an ultra-natural conversational experience that closely mimics human interaction. Our cutting-edge technology combines ultra-realistic voice synthesis, ultra-low latency response times, and proprietary prompting techniques powered by fine-tuned language models. The result is a conversation so smooth and lifelike, your customers will forget they're talking to an AI. Dasha's smart interruptions and turn-taking capabilities further enhance the natural flow of the dialogue, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.

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Unparalleled Customization and Flexibility

DashaScript: Key to Tailored AI Agents

Dasha's proprietary agent programming language, DashaScript, empowers developers with an unrivaled level of customization and flexibility. This domain-specific language (DSL) allows you to create AI agents that perfectly match your unique business requirements. From handling complex call scenarios like voicemails, answering machines, and IVRs to dynamically adapting prompts, voice and bot gender based on customer segments, DashaScript makes it easy. Seamlessly integrate with your existing knowledge bases or legacy VoIP systems, ensuring a smooth and tailored experience for your customers.

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  • sample.dsl
//get user gender from call custom SIP header
set $gender = connectionOptions["options"]["sip_X_Gender"];

//set AI voice gender based on customer segment
if($gender == "female")
    #changeLanguage("en-US", "speaker_jack");
else if($gender == "male")
    #changeLanguage("en-US", "speaker_kate");

//forward call based on call result
if($call_disposition == "qualified_lead")
else if($call_disposition == "existing_customer")

Whitelabel Platform

Empower Your Customers with No-Code AI Agent Creation

Dasha's whitelabel platform empowers developers to create their own industry-specific products, enabling their customers to build and manage AI agents without any coding knowledge. By leveraging Dasha's robust backend infrastructure and advanced conversational AI capabilities, you can focus on designing intuitive user interfaces and experiences tailored to your target market. Your customers can easily create, deploy, and optimize AI agents using a no-code, drag-and-drop interface, while Dasha handles the complex backend processing and management.

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  • app.js
import * as dasha from "";

const agent = await dasha.deploy(agentSettings);
await agent.start();
const call = agent.createConversation({ endpoint: "+18005551212" });
const result = await call.execute();

    output: {
        call_disposition: "qualified_lead"
    recordingUrl: "..."
    transcription: [{assistant: "Hello", user: "Hi"}],


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Dasha empowers developers to transform businesses: automate call centers, craft AI-driven sales and support bots, unlock insights with speech analytics, and innovate apps with voice integration. Build dynamic booking systems, lead qualification, and customer service bots with our versatile AI platform.

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