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Artificial intelligence, that can:

Make outbound



with customers


... better than humans do. LISTEN DEMO CALLS

Setup fee from $20 000

We release 2 projects
per month.


Listen to real recorded phone calls with our AI:

Industry: Delivery services

Description: Dasha.AI makes outbound phone call to a customer to notify her that her package is awaiting at the post office, answers the questions and makes sure the customer made a commitment to take the package. As you may see the customer thinks she is talking to a human.

Industry: Information updates, marketing research, polling, slot-filling

Description: AI makes outbound phone call to a restaurant and talks to a manager. The goal is to update restaurant's profile in a Yelp-like app, i.e. to confirm number of seats, available cuisines, price range, etc. In this example you may notice such features of our AI like active listening. And just like in the previous example human doesn't understand that she talks to a robot.

Industry: Banks

Description: Dasha.AI calls to a potential client who started a procedure of opening a new bank account, but didn't finish it. The goal is to figure out if a person is still willing to open an account and if yes, provide a consultation.