Automate your business with human-like AI

Dasha is the first and only AI platform that allows you to design, test and launch rich,

human-level voice conversations

. Automate your

entire work flow

and bring your costs down or

sell your own products

built on top of Dasha. Unleash your imagination and think what you can do

with such a technology.

Our platform launches to the public in 2020

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Optimize your call center expenditures with a custom AI voice model today

97% of all people talk to Dasha as they would to a human


Generate leads and qualify customers


Gather feedback (NPS, CSI)


Route inbound calls and answer questions


Keep in touch with your customers

NPS survey


Scheduling an appointment


Nuisance call protection


Nuisance call protection


How does the magic happen?

Much of call center operator work is scripted — it is an algorithm that the operator follows. We automate this algorithm to free up your operators for more business-critical tasks that keep them and your bottom line happier.

Dasha gives you what no one else can:

OPEX benefits

Dasha costs 2 to 4x less per minute than operators. With Dasha, you skip the hiring, training, management and office space expenditures.

Analytics and deep integration

Integrates within your infrastructure and logs all data instantly to provide a seamless experience. Comes with a dashboard to monitor call metrics.

100% predictability

Doesn’t get moody or demotivated. Always goes by the script. Can do an unlimited number of concurrent calls. Always gets the job done.

Where does the tech apply?

Dasha’s technology is most effective in industries where a large volume of customer communications is conducted via the phone, such as:







What else can Dasha do?

Remember the counterpart’s words and dialogue context; use this information in all calls with the same customer.

Be at least as effective as a human operator.

Understand and react to angry customers, busy customers and customers who ask to call back.

Identify sentiment, automatically recognize phrases with similar meaning.

Deeply integrate with your infrastructure.

Understand when it is being interrupted.

Interrupt if that’s what’s needed to achieve the result.

Listen actively.

What our clients have to say:


DashaCall center
Deep multi-level scriptsYesYes
Unlimited concurrent callsYesNo
Unlimited speech inputYesYes
Fully integratedYesNo
Always follows the scriptYesNo
No overhead costs (rent, HR, training)YesNo
Instant script changesYesNo
No human errorsYesNo
Non-contact calls at no chargeYesNo
CostDasha costs 2-4 times less

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