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How do you increase revenue without increasing head count? Read this free report to learn how leading insurance companies are doing it.

"What if there was a way to avoid hiring temp call center agents after every Christmas season? And maybe even shrink our full-time call center staff..." The niche insurer tried to teach their customers to file claims using a custom-built app but only succeeded in getting 4% to do so. The other 96% of claims kept coming into their call center, as before.

A leading European auto insurer had a renewal problem. Customers would fail to renew their policies, going instead to a competitor who sold aggressively. Realizing that securing new business can be 4 times more costly than renewing existing customers, the insurer decided to

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How to get more conversions at a lower AHT?

Case study: using a real-time on-the-call AI support system, the #1 fastest growing insurance company, as per Inc. 500, has seen average call-handle times for their agents drop by as much as 45% and experienced a 52% lift in customer conversion rates.


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The speech and voice recognition market is projected to grow up to $21.5bln worldwide by 2024.

Why Voice? It is the only native interface for human communication. It has been neglected for visual interfaces because voice technology simply was not at the level required for seamless communication. This is changing rapidly.

Read the report to find out how insurance companies are using AI to improve their contact center efficiency