What do serving your customers better, keeping your caregivers happy and cutting costs have in common?

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Struggling with understaffed offices and inefficient office staff?

Use Dasha AI to ensure that:

  • Every shift is staffed

  • Every patient is notified of shift changes

  • You've got the latest caregiver schedules

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Are your patients complaining about bad communications?

Use Dasha conversational voice AI to:

  • Keep patients up to date on their caregivers

  • Survey patients over the phone in a conversational format as often as you like

  • Turn happy patients into brand champions

Ever wonder if you should just give up trying to do something about caregiver attrition rates?

Caregivers want the agency:

  • to treat them well

  • to provide them with timely and pleasant communication

  • to listen to their feedback

There's an AI for that.

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