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Powerful and easy-to-use APIs for building human-like voice interfaces
Made by developers for developers. If you know Twilio, you know Dasha.
Vlad Chernyshov, CEO @ Dasha
Why Dasha?
Easily add conversational voice to your apps

Super easy to consume - speech-to-text + text-to-speech + natural language + voice activity - all in one simple, easy-to-use API that enables developers to create human-level voice interfaces for CX, support, sales, build voice-based notifications, smart/menuless IVRs, and add conversational capabilities to websites, games, mobile apps, voice assistants, smart devices and more in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.

In-house powerful deep learning and AI

We agonize over the latest deep learning architectures and the right abstractions so you can consume very complex tech very easily. Have insane flexibility with only a few lines of code.

We Speak Your Language

If it is connected to the internet and has access to speaker/mic, you can use it to write a Dasha application. Any platform (Web server, browser, iOS/Android, Phone/VoIP, MacOS/Linux/Windows, Rapsberry Pi, etc.), programming languages (NodeJS, Java, Python, C#, C++, whatever) can be used. Note, the beta program offers only NodeJS SDK though.

Existing Data and Business Logic

Write conversational voice/chat enabled apps that take advantage of your existing intrastructure, including databases, external services (Airtable, Zendesk, TalkDesk, etc.) and business logic. Integrate with anything in the world using Dasha SDK. Feed your custom data into Dasha before, after and during the dialog in real-time.

Free Tier for Building and Experiments in Sandbox

It’s easy, there is a free tier so you can start developing, kick the tires and figure out the Dasha way of building a conversational application. Once you’re ready, put in your credit card and go. Or not, it’s up to you.

Sample apps that could be built on top of Dasha
  • Touchless voice checkout in stores

  • Add voice control to any existing app or website

  • Automate call centers end-to-end (both inbound/outbound)

  • Open your garage door with your voice

  • Covid contact tracer (

  • Health triage

  • Receptionist

  • Booking table in a restaurant - build your own Google Duplex over the afternoon

  • Robocalls protection (

  • NPS surveys for SMB (

  • Secretary who can connect into Zoom, Slack meetings and take notes, answer questions

  • In-game player’s assistant or voice-enabled NPS for a Playstation 5 game

  • the applications are virtually endless...

Developers Developers Developers Community

Join our warm developer community to hang out with like-minded developers, talk to Dasha team, discuss AI, ML, algorithms, share use cases, ask questions, learn new things.

Brought to you by scientists and engineers
ACM ICPC contestants
Masters of Science
PhD Candidates
Meet the brains working on the world's most advanced conversational voice AI
Vlad Chernyshov
Co-founder and CEO, MSc Computer Science, ACM ICPC 2004
Dr. Alex Dyakonov
Chief Research Scientist, Doctor of Science, Professor, former Kaggle #1
Ilya Stupakov
Co-founder and CTO, Ph.D. in Applied math and CS, ACM ICPC 2004, 2005